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Cruzerlite CyanogenMod OPPO Case for OPPO N1-Teal

Product Description

Cruzerlite presents the Official CyanogenMod case for your Oppo N1. CyanogenMod has been the go-to OS for nearly 10 million Android enthusiasts and developers alike, Available in 2 colors (Black and Teal). Protect your Oppo N1 and show your support with this instant-classic featuring the CyanogenMod mascot, Cid with Oppo mascot Ollie. This slim-fitting case is made to be shock absorbent and scratch resistant, making it the perfect day-to-day protection for your phone. The case is easy to apply and remove, wrapping around the side and back of the Oppo N1 without blocking any of the buttons or ports. Buy in confidence with Cruzerlite's 180 day warranty for all original retail packaged products.

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  • $19.90

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